A Holiday Message from the Grand Master

To all my fellow Brethren, family, and friends of the Craft, Merry Christmas and Happy New
Year. May we celebrate this season with love and joy, and may our spirits be lifted by the
beautiful and unique traditions that we share.

As we reflect upon the many blessings each of us has received, let us not forget those brave men and women currently serving in our Armed Forces, many of whom, answering the call of duty, will be in foreign lands separated from their loved ones during this Holiday Season. Remember them with prayer as you break bread with your family at the Holiday Table, knowing they preserve the freedoms we all hold dear.

On behalf of the Grand Line Officers of the Grand Lodge Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Wyoming, Olga and I extend our warmest and most sincere good wishes to you, your families, and friends to have a peaceful, wonderful, and blessed Christmas. May the year be filled with good health, prosperity, and success.

May God Bless you, may God Bless our young men and women of the Armed Forces, may God Bless our fraternal Brotherhood, and may God Bless our beloved country, the United States of America.

With kindest fraternal regards,

Thomas G. Needham
Grand Master