Davis-Roberts Scholarship Fund – Sponsored Scholarship

Davis-Roberts Scholarship Fund – Masonic Brother Program

Application For Educational Assistance 

Completed Application Forms must be received by May 1st prior to the scholarship award year. Electronic copies of the Application Form are not available, requests must include mailing address.

Each year, the Grand Lodge of Wyoming awards scholarships to deserving individuals who desire to continue their education.  The funds used for this program are provided by the Grand Lodge Benevolent Fund, and the amount of funding available is established by the Grand Lodge Charity Committee at their annual meeting.

The number of scholarships awarded varies each year, the number of scholarships awarded and the amount of each scholarship, historically $500.00 per semester, is determined by the Grand Lodge Youth Committee. These awards are paid directly to the educational institution.

The scholarships are for one year only, but may be renewed if the individual reapplies and is selected for another scholarship.  The scholarships may be used at any school within the United States, but are not available to individuals working on advanced schooling beyond the attainment of a Bachelor’s Degree.

Individuals must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 to apply, and must complete the application form in its entirety.  Incomplete applications are automatically rejected.  Applicants need not be a member of the Masonic Family, nor related to anyone who is a member.